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First race of the 2019 Season was at Trafford on Sunday 7th April 2019

A big thanks to Mark Wild for organising and acting as OOD on the day, to Luke Bramwell,  Aiden, and Mike Barnes and all others who manned the rescue boat in cold conditions.Thanks to the lap counters and to the local Trafford members who set up the perimeter fencing and clear up of site after proceedings.

This race event was kindly sponsored by Trafford Boat Club and Peak Pursuits, Trafford. Their help and support is invaluable. They provided free use of the lake, free tea,  coffee and biscuits with facilities in warm surroundings, rescue boat with outboard,  ETC. Massive appreciation to Peak Pursuits and their management team.

Great day was had by the few who attended. Regretfully a good number of entrants who booked in pulled out at short notice for differing reasons, hence the low turnout. This did not detract from some fantastic fun and exciting racing. In addition. racers did not have to pay any entry fees on this day, so good fun indeed when the cost is lowered! 


The usual formula Races Run/2 (round up if a half) + 1 applies.

So assume 5 race days are held, there will be 5/2 (rounded up to 3) + 1 = 4

IE The best 4 results will count for the year end championship points assuming we have 5 race days.


Click on PDF icon below to view.

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