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1. About this Policy

1.1 This policy explains when and why we collect personal information about our members, how we use it and how we keep it secure and your rights in relation to it.

1.2 We may collect, use and store your personal data, as described in this Data Privacy Policy and as described when we collect data from you. You may provide data when joining our organisation with your membership application or renewal, and through the activities of the club, (PHOTOGRAPHS, VIDEO TAKEN ON RACE DAYS FOR EXAMPLE)

1.3 We reserve the right to amend this Data Privacy Policy from time to time without prior notice. You are advised to check our website regularly for any amendments (but amendments will not be made retrospectively).

1.4 We will always comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) when dealing with your personal data. Further details on the GDPR can be found at the website for the Information Commissioner ( For the purposes of the GDPR, BMPRS will be the “controller” of all personal data we hold about you.

2. Who are we?

2.1 We are the British Model Powerboat Racing Society. (Hereinafter called BMPRS)
We can be contacted via the membership secretary, treasurer, chair, or web editor.

3. What information we collect and why.


INFORMATION TYPE                      PURPOSES​                                          REASON FOR KEEPING DATA

Members name, address,                Managing the Members                         To allow BMPRS to organise and run races

Telephone and email                        membership of BMPRS. Managing       in accordance of our rules and constitution.

address details                                 race information                                     for the purposes of our legitimate interests                                                                                                                            in operating BMPRS.


Names and ages of Member's         Managing the members and their          To allow BMPRS to organise activities safely

 / dependents where relevant           dependants' membership of BMPRS    and legally with reference to child protection                                                                                                                          obligations.


Members name and membership    Managing race entries and race            For the purposes of our legitimate interests

/race number                                    results. Sharing race results with          in both holding races for the benefit of the

                                                         other clubs, social media, local and      club and for promotion of the club. for the 

                                                         national media and via the web site      purposes of our legitimate interests in                                                                                                                                   operating BMPRS.

Photos and Videos of members       Putting on BMPRS's website and         CONSENT. Consent is sought at the point of

and their boats on race days            social media pages and using in          joining or renewing membership. Members 

                                                         press releases for the promotion          are in full control of which data is shared and

                                                         of the organisation                                with whom via the Committee. Members may

                                                                                                                       withdraw their consent at any time.

Committee members details            Information published on BMPRS's      For the purposes of our legitimate interests

name, email, photo and                   website                                                 in organizing and running the society and it's

telephone details                                                                                           activities



BMPRS Sales and Wants               A platform for members to trade           To allow members to buy and sell from each

Members sales and wanted items  unwanted goods between                     other and the wider public. This is a free of 

including contact details, item         themselves and the wider public           charge membership service and any

photos and sales particulars           using the sales and wants page            transactions are made direct between buyer                                                           on the BMPRS web site                        and seller and do not involve BMPRS in                                                                                                                                anyway. Members have control to request                                                                                                                            editing or removal of advert at any time.                                                                                                                                Details are not retained once advert is




4. How we protect your personal data

4.1 We will not transfer your personal data outside the EU without your consent.
4.2 We have implemented generally accepted standards of technology and operational security in order to protect personal data from loss, misuse, or unauthorised alteration or destruction.
4.3 Please note however that where you are transmitting information over the internet this can never be guaranteed to be 100% secure. Ensure your anti-virus, and other associated security software is kept up to date.
4.4 For any payments which we take from you online we will use a recognised online secure payment system (such as Paypal).
4.5 We will notify you promptly in the event of any breach of your personal data which might expose you to serious risk.



5. Who else has access to the information you provide us?

5.1 We will never sell your personal data. We will not share your personal data with any third parties without your prior consent (which you are free to withhold) except where we are required to do so by law or as set out in the table above or in relation to lawful investigation by third parties such as Law Enforcemnt agencies. These will have to produce a formal DPA Request, Evidence Request Warrant (for Scotland ) or a Court Order before your data is shared  



6. How long do we keep your information?

6.1 We will hold your personal data on our systems for as long as you are a member of BMPRS and for as long afterwards as it is in BMPRSs’ legitimate interest to do so or for as long as is necessary to comply with our legal obligations. We will review your personal data every year to establish whether we are still entitled to process it. If we decide that we are not entitled to do so, we will stop processing your personal data except that we may retain your personal data in an archived form should it be necessary to comply with future legal obligations e.g. compliance with tax requirements and exemptions, and the establishment, exercise or defence of any legal claims.
6.2 We securely destroy any and all financial information once we have used it and no longer need it.



7. Your rights

7.1 You have rights under the GDPR:
(a) to access your personal data
(b) to be provided with information about how your personal data is processed
(c) to have your personal data corrected or to correct it yourself
(d) to have your personal data erased in certain circumstances
(e) to object to or control how your personal data is processed
(f) to have your personal data transferred to yourself or to another business in certain circumstances.




For more details, please address any questions, comments and requests regarding our data processing practices to our Chair, or other committee person.


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