Dragon Racing - the new cat on the block from Brian James. This new cat is superbly finished inside and out, and is an own design and build from the boat stand upwards. Some neat, clever, interesting design features are incorporated into the build. Recently seen testing, it ran at Underbank showing good stability in the rough, (A key ingredient for successful cat racing!)


Water proof servos compliment a home made radio box which is a simple but effective design keeping vital components water free. 

In addition some nice graphics are moulded / set into the resin. See photos below, look forward to seeing engine run in and boat racing.

Some video of Brian's  recent boat testing is shown below.​ ​

The hull has variable water tank  ballast in the  front enabling rapid adjustment of ballast to trim the hull according to the water conditions. The manifold is home made by Brian and has been neatly adjusted to allow the tuned pipe to flow under the deck. Deck is very streamlined.

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