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Leicester Results Sunday 15th September 2019

A big thanks to Mark Wild for accepting bookings, pre-race organisation and OOD and lap counting on the day.

Also massive thanks go to the Leicester Club members, especially Tony Bollard and Gary Crisp who made us so welcome and gave up their day to help organise rescue boat, cordon off the pitting area and car park, and provide buoys, tables etc.

Thanks to all who did rescue.

A great final race of the season saw a decent turnout with some new boats and "lapsed" members return for a blast! Big welcome back to team Searle, Kian and Ian, great to see you both back on board for some good racing. Ian keeps up with the long held tradition of vital last minute lake side prep, (putting components together with just seconds to go before race start), simply amazing!

The am first Cat race was like a Demolition Derby! Certainly put the rescue crew to good use!! My cat finished in three pieces!! Soon be down the mosquito infested shed to repair, OUCH!

For results see below. 

The best howler of the day was surely when Luke nearly single handedly swamped the rescue boat having rolled into a corner of it! Thankfully he managed to save his pork pie!! (Some said too many pork pies were to blame!!_)

Finally Mike Barnes is worthy of a mention. This prolific racer is due to emigrate in the not too distant future, so this may well be one of his final efforts racing with us. I have to pay tribute to his supremely great driving standards and competitive instincts which have enabled him to wipe the floor with most of us for most of his D class time with BMPRS. Not to mention his valued contribution to the club both as a committee member and with help with on the day racing / rescue etc. Well done MIKE!

Leicester results are shown by clicking the PDF below.

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