The 2019 AGM will be held at Sheffield Underbank Activity Center at the Reservoir, on Sunday 24th November 2019. Start time is 10am.

Please confirm your attendance with Madelyn Reid on as soon as possible so we can organise catering.

Proposals should be submitted to Madelyn also using the same email, as soon as possible. We will endeavor to make them available before the meeting.

The meeting is an informal way for all members to have a get together outside of the usual busy race days and to enjoy some banter and fun, as well as the more important business of discussing club issues and agreeing proposals to make for a great 2020!

Hope to see you all soon, if not testing before!

Agenda, proposals (submitted so far) and minutes from previous AGM, (subject to being recorded as a true representation, at forthcoming AGM), are shown by clicking on each of the three files below.

                              MINUTES                         PROPOSALS                       AGENDA

2018 AGM main points for racers

A big thanks to Mark Wild and team, especially Matt Collins,  at the Underbank Activity Center where the AGM was held. Mark organised a great meeting room, heated with facilities and provided hot drinks, lamb stew hot pot, biscuits etc.   Very much appreciated.

The 2018 AGM held on 27.01.2019 was well attended and for the benefit of those club members not there, the following changes were agreed.


Committee is condensed slightly with 9 positions becoming 6, changes as follows

1.   Mark Wild becomes our new Chair and remains H&S coordinator.

2.  Luke Bramwell becomes C & VP Protection Officer & Junior

     member  liaison officer.

3.  The role of PRO is now amalgamated with Webmaster, Garry Dickson.

Rest of committee remains unchanged

4.  Secretary Madelyn Reid

5.  Membership Secretary Terry Lucas

6.  Treasurer Mike Barnes


On each race day, there will be three groups of championship races as follows

AA, A, and T1 boats (upto 7.5cc engine size) will all run in one race, 15 minute duration.

B, C and D boats (8.5cc-65cc) will all run together in one race, 15 min duration. Mono Hulls ONLY.

T2 will run on their own (as now), 15 minute duration.

The same sequence of races will be repeated and for each competitor, the highest laps will count, the lower lap count disregarded. This will determine championship points for the day. Also if a high number of entries is received in a group, this may be split into 2 separate heats, (as is often done currently with D class).

Note racers for A, AA, B, C, T1, D and T2 will still gain championship points as now and qualify for trophies at the year end.

Other racing if time allows, will take place on race-days such as sprint/circuit  racing.


A sub-committee has been established to investigate the feasibility of introducing some format of electric powered racing. To include guidelines, parameters, specifications and racing format. More information will follow.


It is anticipated there will be 4 or 5 events over the summer season (April - Sept) to be confirmed soon.

Additionally, some winter racing may be planned later.


1. Dave Marles at Prestwich Model Centre has supplied BMPRS with a Gazebo for race control enabling the OOD and lap counters to keep dry and warm (or sun free when we get it!).

Massive thanks to Dave Marles, a world wide renowned, premier supplier of  top class, quality model racing boats, engines and associated components. 


Manufacturers of high quality pipes in a range of materials. JB Pipes have donated a Tuned Pipe suitable for petrol engines for the lucky year end winner.

Click on either  image below for more information on JB Pipes. 


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